Vineyard of Meursault
near Beaune

Map of Vineyard in Meursault

Meursault has 19 climates classified in first growths. The designations Meursault and Meursault 1er Crus can be followed or not their native climates. The production area for white wines is 382.32 hectares, 104.69 hectares in Premiers Crus (the grape variety Chardonnay).
The production area for red wines is 13.52 hectares, 2.81 hectares in Premiers Crus (the grape is pinot noir). The exposure of the coast to the east with an optimum altitude 260 meters for the best terroirs.

Tonneau vin Domaine Latour Giraud
Meursault Cuvée Charles Maxime


6 Route Départementale 974 - 21190 MEURSAULT - Phone: 03 80 21 21 43